December 2015 - Julie Green and Keen
Time really does fly when you are having fun.  I can’t believe that it is New Year’s Eve already! 2015 has been such a fun year for our family, full of new experiences and growth.  To end such a wonderful year, Hannah and Liam are having a New Year’s Eve slumber party at our house.  To conclude such a wonderful year, we decided that the kids deserved a little party.  :D

My little party planner, Hannah came up with the great idea to host a New Year’s Eve party.  At first my husband I am were a little hesitant but after a little discussion we decided that it had been such a wonderful year the kids deserved to have a party; only if they agreed to clean up, which they did. :) 

Liam didn’t care about the décor or the themes, he was just excited to have friends over and be able to stay up until midnight playing video games.  Hannah on the other hand had an entire party itinerary up her sleeve.  She wanted to have a black and white themed party and all her friends would dress up in black and white with one bright color. 

Hannah always comes up with cute ideas; I don’t know where she gets them from.  This afternoon Hannah and I made little snacks and decorated the house for her themed party.  It ended up turning out really great.  She made a black and white clock cake and cupcakes, marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate, and Oreo milkshakes. 

She also found some black and white party ideas on Pinterest; she is really starting to take after her mother.  Earlier this week I took her to our local party store and gave her a little budget to buy some decorations.  It is amazing what good ideas she came up with.
We finished baking and decorating the house earlier this afternoon, and it looks incredible.  You would have never guessed an eight year old girl came up with this idea and decorated the house so nicely.  Our house looks like a New Year’s wonderland.  :)

Both Hannah and Liam are taking a “powernap” to make sure they can stay up all night.  I am excited to have a house full of kids tonight, I love seeing both Liam’s friends and Hannah’s friends interact.  The little bit of an age difference makes it so fun for them.

On that note, I should start preparing dinner before all the kiddo’s come over. 

Happy New Year!

Go Green and Stay Keen,