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This weekend was my daughter Hannah’s 8th birthday party.  She had a “spook-tacular” sleepover with her ghoully friends. :)  This was her first sleepover birthday party… it was a lot of work but they was so much fun.  It is always a struggle coming up birthday theme ideas for Hannah; luckily this year, having her birthday so close to Halloween she wanted to have a ghoully ghostly costume party. 

Fall is such a great time of the year, it made decorating for Halloween really easy.  I transformed our house a spooky fun birthday soiree.  The girls didn’t come over until dusk so I was able to decorate our yard with Tombstones and lanterns leading up to the door for a haunted welcome.  I even went all out and set up the fog machine so when we opened the door fog would come out.  The girls loved it, they came over in costumes and were immediately ready for a spooky evening.  It was a little pre trick-or-treating for them.

Coming up with party menus is second nature for me.  Hannah’s spook-tacular food was so much fun coming up with...I may have even gone a little bit overload.  Even though my children are not vegetarians they prefer a lot of meatless food so I created an eerie vegetarian menu the girls loved.
The girls devoured banana ghosts, clementine pumpkins, a veggie skeleton, apple bites, spooky black bean humus, veggie dog mummy dippers, and a spooky haunted graveyard cake on our new coffin dining table… (My husband is quite the handy man; it is incredible what he can do with ply wood, a saw, and some paint) :)  It sounds like a lot but it was all super easy to make.

Hannah came up with some great Halloween games to play in our lantern lit backyard.  They bobbed for apples, had a mummy dressing race, and she picked out a bat piñata filled with mysterious goodies.    Before they when to sleep we told ghost stories and drank apple cider.  And then of course they had to watch some Disney channel to relax to.

I am happy everything went so smoothly and Hannah had a great time.  Everything was great and so easy to make.  The girls loved my vegetarian food…I don’t even think they realized it was; the decorations were fairly inexpensive, and the best part was the girls had so much fun.  Halloween parties are great and even better when you’re celebrating your daughter’s birthday.

We had a SPOOK-TACULAR birthday! BOO! :)

Go Green and Stay Keen,