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Ditch Your Car, Ride Your Bike

I was looking for images on the web and came across an awesome infographic on BusinessInsider.com.

Although, it was posted a couple years ago, it is still relevant and resonated with me.  It is titled, Why You Need to Stop Driving Your Car Right Now.

I always try walking or riding my bike whenever I can and only drive my car when it is really necessary.  It not only saves me money by biking but I get exercise too.

When my husband and I were looking for our first our home, it was essential that it was located close to markets, parks, work, and our children’s school.  We were fortunate enough to find a home that is in a very central location and walking and biking distance to many places.

Since moving here and not using our car as much, we have seen a large drop in our transportation expenses and we are even healthier.  We are helping the earth by reducing our emissions that are harmful to the environment, not spending money on cars upkeep, saving of fuel, not having to pay for parking, and we get to speed past traffic jams.

I saw this statistic that shocked me; it showed that 80% of bike commuters improve their heart and lung function within 8 weeks! Just 8 weeks! I couldn’t believe it.

Once you understand how the simple change from driving your car to riding your bike is, it is clear that riding your bike is better for you, your health, your family, and the environment.  So hop on that two-wheeler and get pedaling.

I have shared here, the informative infographic from BusinessInsider.com. Enjoy!

After reading this infographic, I hope you feel motivated to start riding your bike whenever you can.

 If you live near your work, grocery stores, or frequented venues, why not give it a try?  I enjoy walking and biking places, it allows me to clear my mind and stay active.  I challenge you to try swapping your car for an earth friendly bike! :)

Go Green and Staying Keen,



  1. Riding bikes is so fun. We try to get out in the evenings when it's the temperature is a bit cooler.

  2. I wish it was easy to do it here in our country. Bikes are a lot more fun and it's not only environmentally friendly, it keeps you fit too!

  3. Biking is a great form of exercise, plus,you'll save on gas. My husband used to do this. He goes to the office riding his back. He only brings a car when he needs to do some field work.

  4. We are walking a lot lately. Biking could be fun .

  5. I love biking so much & my husband most time prefers biking as it gives some healthy exercise & saves some money too. It is amazing that 80% of bike commuters improve their heart and lung function within 8 weeks. That is just incredible!

  6. I need to start biking! My friend has been biking a lot lately and loves it!