January 2016 - Julie Green and Keen
With every New Year, it is important to grow and stay up to date and appealing to our customers.  At our monthly meeting this morning my good friend, the owner, announced we will be adding a few new main courses to the menu and will be introducing a new weekly special.  I am excited to see how our customers like the new changes and how can reach a larger audience.

Since I started managing the restaurant, we have continued to grow and become more and more popular; not only in the vegetarian community but also to non-vegetarians.

A few months ago we created a sampler plate special that allows customers to try a variety of dishes to see what they like and what they want a full portion size of.  Our wonderful chef came up with this idea, and it has been a hit amongst new customers.

The new weekly special is going to be a great way to showcase our main courses.  The special will allow the patron to get a glass of wine or drink, a side and the main course for one flat rate.  I think it is a great idea that will definitely be popular among our regular customers and hopefully bring in some new ones.

The owner of the restaurant is brilliant and has brought such a wonderful restaurant to our community.  We are constantly changing and modifying our menu to better fit our customers and the community.  I am so happy I am part of such a positive work environment and can’t wait to see how the new changes will benefit the restaurant. 

Go Green and Stay Keen,